Diet, Exercise and Abdominoplasty

Chicago, Illinois

Pregnancy can take a serious toll on any woman’s body, by inducing serious changes in her anatomy and emotional well being. The reward for all the difficulty of pregnancy is your child’s beautiful face. However, anyone who has given birth knows that many changes that happy during pregnancy continue to after you give birth, and your emotional state continues to fluctuate as you focus on your new child. It is easy for new moms to neglect their own well being while focusing on an infant.

Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Otto J. Placik can help moms get the makeovers they truly deserve after so much hard work. If you experience stretch marks, stubborn fat deposits that won’t go away with diet or exercise, or you suffer from sagging skin after your pregnancy, you may be a candidate for a mommy makeover tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck is not considered a weight loss procedure, so new moms should only consider a tummy tuck after losing the weight they gained during pregnancy. The type and extent of your mommy makeover tummy tuck will depend on your needs and anatomy. Dr. Placik will give you a thorough preliminary examination and thoroughly discuss your goals so that he can determine the best procedure for you.

Some women may need to undergo a full tummy tuck, which removes fat from above the navel (just below the breast line) to the public line. Some women, who suffer mostly from problems below the navel, may require a mini tummy tuck.

Following pregnancy, one of the most common complaints is loss of breast volume. Restoration of breast fullness is one of the most sought after procedures once women have completed nursing. We typically advise patients to wait a minimum of 4 months after ceasing lactation. Occasionally a breast lift is required to restore a more youthful profile to the breast contour.

After a pregnancy, a tummy tuck and breast enhancement may not be the only procedures considered. Some women may benefit from repairing a torn birth canal, or from a procedure known as labiaplasty. Sometimes childbirth may cause the labia minora to extrude past the labia majora. This can cause pain in some women, in others it may cause embarrassment or insecurity.

You should know that you aren’t alone in your desire to repair some of the physical damage after pregnancy. Dr. Placik and his staff are here to help you reach your goals and will guide you through every step of the process. Dr. Placik makes a special effort to get to establish a long-term relationship with each of his patients by carefully listening to her needs.

If you live in the Chicago area and want to know more about a mommy makeover or tummy tuck, or other plastic surgery procedures to repair the effects of pregnancy, contact Dr. Otto Placik’s Chicago office to schedule a personal consultation.