Manor Care Post-Operative Recovery

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Recovery is one of the most important steps in your Tummy Tuck operation, so take care as much care in planning your recovery as you do in planning your surgery. After your tummy tuck, you should plan on having someone take care of you for at least the day following the procedure. If your home is quiet, and you have someone around to attend to your needs, it might be good to plan a recovery space that is familiar. But if you don’t have someone available to care for you, especially if you are traveling from out of town, or if your home can be stressful, consider Manor Care, a post-operative care facility, as a place to spend your recovery.
Manor Care offers many significant advantages over recovery at home:

A professional nursing staff that gives 24-hour monitoring
Customized treatment coordinated with Dr. Placik
A tasty, nutritive diet that fits in with your post-surgical restrictions
Instructions for at home care, including dietary restrictions, medication use, and dressing changes given by a nurse prior to discharge
Privacy so you can heal w/o the intrusions of everyday life

Out of Town Guests

Manor Care is a superb option for patients traveling to take advantage of Dr. Placik’s experience and skill. With Manor Care, your recovery takes place in a professionally-supervised facility that is in constant touch with Dr. Placik’s office.

More than Health Care

Manor Care goes beyond the necessities of medical care to give you a pleasant stay. Our rooms are not cold hospital rooms, nor even like hotel rooms: they are warm and inviting. Your stay will be relaxing and comfortable, even more so because you know that help is there should anything come up. The rooms have many amenities: wall-to-wall carpeting, TVs in every room, and electric beds, not to mention nursing care, linen services, and dietician consultations.

Dr. Placik knows that a smooth recovery is crucial to getting the results you want from your tummy tuck, and he is happy to recommend Manor Care as a place to go when you leave his office. If you want to learn more about Manor Care, and how it might help your tummy tuck recovery, call or email us today.