Fashion dictates what kind of shoes we buy, what we wear to work, and the colors we paint our houses. It’s no wonder that fashion also influences plastic surgery. When tummy tuck procedures became common during the 1960’s, surgeons chose to place incisions lower on the abdomen because women preferred the “hip hugger” bikini style, which rested low on the hips. In the 1980’s, tummy tuck patients preferred the “French cut” bikini style, which rose much higher on the abdomen, moving the scars partially onto the thigh. Tummy tuck scars generally run diagonal just above the pubic line and then move upward in a “U” shape. The length of a tummy tuck scar depends on how much skin needs to be removed during the procedure. The more skin removed, the longer the scar. “Low rider” is the most popular bikini style at the time of this writing in 2009.

Fashion isn’t the only consideration for incision placement, of course. Many factors come together when Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik decides where to place a tummy tuck incision. The type of tummy tuck procedure, the patient’s anatomy, and previous scarring all play important roles in that decision. However, you do have input on the placement of your tummy tuck incision. Dr. Placik works closely with each of his patients to ensure they understand the dictates of their own personal anatomy, and that he understands his or her needs. Dr. Placik will often ask patients to wear their own preferred bikini style on the day of the surgery, so he can better determine incision placement.

It’s important to remember that fashion changes often, sometimes dramatically, from year to year. Scars, on the other hand, are permanent. Patients should think carefully about the types of garments they use as a guide and consider a style that will be the most versatile over time. It’s also important to remember that scars sometimes migrate over time and do not always stay where they were originally marked on the day of surgery. Scars generally fade over time, so a scar that may seem unsightly immediately after surgery may improve in appearance. However, Dr. Placik can help you with scar care and explain new methods for improving scar appearance.

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